Monday, June 4, 2018

Vote Yes On Prop 68

A note from CalBike:

Although it’s not obvious from its title, the Parks, Environment and Water Bond includes major funding opportunities for trails, walking and biking. Many millions of dollars will be available for trails not just in remote parks but connecting the destinations we try to reach every day.

Proposition 68 responds to the fact that many Californians across the state lack access to safe parks, wildlife, trails, and recreation areas, which limits their ability to experience the outdoors, improve their physical and emotional health, exercise, and connect with their communities. Biking and walking are critical aspects for any engagement, and really, survival, with the natural landscape surrounding us. Clean and human-powered forms of mobility provide the momentum for this initiative and a key step to increasing and connecting healthy communities across the state.

Furthermore, Proposition 68 has clear intention to address the state’s historic underinvestment in parks, trails, and outdoor infrastructure in disadvantaged areas and many communities throughout California. Every Californian should have access to clean, safe, and reliable drinking water, access to green space and parks, and vibrant healthy communities. This initiative further gains our support because of significant funding that goes towards increasing access to clean parks and water for diverse populations, particularly minority, low-income, and disabled populations and tribal communities.

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