Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday: North Park – Mid-City Regional Bike Corridors Project Open House, 5-8pm @ Queen Bee's

North Park – Mid-City Regional Bike Corridors Project Open House
Tuesday, August 27, 5 – 8 p.m.

The final open house for the Mid-City Regional Bike Corridors Project is Tuesday night from 5-8pm at Queen Bee's. 

For more information about this project, visit: KeepSanDiegoMoving.com/NorthParkMidCityBike

Thursday, August 15, 2013

U-T: "Momentum Builds For Bicycling Among San Diego Region"

This week, the U-T posted an article about biking in San Diego, combining coverage of CicloSDias with an upcoming SANDAG vote for bike corridor funding, as well as the always prevalent opinions that bike infrastructure is awesome so long as it doesn't interfere with vehicle traffic and barely mentioning the benefits of riding a bike, of the projected increase in bike usage if safety goals for bike corridors are achieved, and the numerous examples of increases for businesses in other cities who've trading parking or traffic lanes for bike lanes.

"Momentum Builds For Bicycling Among San Diego Region"

This article doesn't really shine a light on much, but it's a nice turn for the U-T to publish this after their idiotic watermelon editorial, "Bicycles Are Not Future of Transportation", published just a month ago (7.12.2013)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cycling In The City: Great Reads

A couple great articles to read when you have some downtime.

"Why Cycle Cities Are The Future"

"Bike Cities of the Future"

And in case you missed it, Jinna Thomas shot some great photos at CicloSDias this weekend. Of course, this one is my favorite.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cyclists Targeted By Pellet Gun Shootings

There have been numerous reports of people shooting at cyclists in the San Diego area. In various reports, I've heard of this happening in Torrey Pines, Mt Soledad, Hwy 101, Fiesta Island and more, and in various reports I've heard about paintball and pellet gun shootings. After an excessive amount of road rage on El Cajon Boulevard, it feels like the more cyclists increase in numbers and visibility, the greater the backlash by drivers unwilling to share the road. It is our responsibility when on our bikes or in our cars to pay attention to bad behavior and not be afraid to report it when we see it. Here's a link to one report on 10news.com


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sunday Funday with CicloSDias

I am totally excited about Sunday's CicloSDias. After riding around on University after Pride with no cars, a day dedicated to Open Streets is just what this city needs. This was one of Mayor Bob Filner's initiatives earlier this year, and it is a shame with everything going on that he probably won't be around to see it come to life, but I encourage everyone to take part...whether you bike, walk, skate, or scoot, a day without cars is a good thing for everyone and might bring us one step closer to complete streets when people realize the benefits of riding a bike every once in a while. The event is free and family friendly, with the route blocked to cars from 10am-4pm.
"Ciclo­vía," which translates to English as "bike path" was coined in Bogota, Columbia, a city that began experimenting with its model Ciclovia initiative in 1974 as a response to the congestion and pollution of city streets. CicloSDias San Diego is modeled after similar car-free events held in cities around the world, including New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. As of 2012, some 80 Open Streets initiatives are held regularly in North America. CicloSDias is all about connecting communities and giving people a break from the stress of car traffic. CicloSDias San Diego will bring families outside of their homes to enjoy car free streets. The message is clear – we all want a clean, healthy and vibrant San Diego. CicloSDias welcomes everyone in San Diego to walk, ride, stroll and enjoy our streets. Approximately 5.2 miles of city streets will be opened to families, pedestrians, cyclists, joggers, skateboarders, and anyone else interested in using this public space in a new way. The event will include a “Hub” in 4 different neighborhoods in San Diego – City Heights, Logan Heights, North Park, and South Park. These Hubs will feature CicloSDias merchandise, showcase event sponsors, and host a bicycle repair booth. Event participants are encouraged to check-in at each Hub and receive a free entry into our Bike raffle. San Diegans will experience a free ‘open street’ event with activities along the route. Shops and restaurants will be open for business and neighbors and friends from all over will make our streets come alive.
Whether or not you're participating in the Open Streets event, it is important to note that along the route, there will be road closures with only periodic traffic crossing. You can read up on all of those fine details here. I'd just suggest you put your car keys away for the day and join the fun. There will be four hubs with toilets, bike repair, refreshments, and information, but anyone can access the route at any intersection along the way of the 5.2 mile stretch. This is your chance to see parts of the city from a whole new perspective...without cars!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pre-CicloSDias Events in San Diego

(From the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition)
CicloSDias Pre-Party Events

CicloSDias on KUSI

When: Wednesday, August 7th- 8:00 to 10:00 AM
Where: 30th Street & Upas

Join us and KUSI TV between 8:00 and 10:00 AM at 30th Street and Upas as we talk CicloSDias. Bicyclists, walkers, dogs- all are welcome! The first 10 people to show will get a free CicloSDias t-shirt! 


CicloSDias Pre-Party: Twilight Townie Ride & Fundraiser

When: Thursday, August 8th- 5:30 PM
Where:  Blind Lady Ale House , 3416 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116

Join us for a Twilight Townie ride around the Normal Heights Area and then head back to BLAH to hear all about CicloSDias, the ride, the details and how you can help.
Blind Lady will donate $1 per beer to CicloSDias that night, so bring your friends, enjoy some great food and beer, and help us raise some money for San Diego's first open streets event, happening this Sunday, August 11th from 10-4!