Thursday, August 15, 2013

U-T: "Momentum Builds For Bicycling Among San Diego Region"

This week, the U-T posted an article about biking in San Diego, combining coverage of CicloSDias with an upcoming SANDAG vote for bike corridor funding, as well as the always prevalent opinions that bike infrastructure is awesome so long as it doesn't interfere with vehicle traffic and barely mentioning the benefits of riding a bike, of the projected increase in bike usage if safety goals for bike corridors are achieved, and the numerous examples of increases for businesses in other cities who've trading parking or traffic lanes for bike lanes.

"Momentum Builds For Bicycling Among San Diego Region"

This article doesn't really shine a light on much, but it's a nice turn for the U-T to publish this after their idiotic watermelon editorial, "Bicycles Are Not Future of Transportation", published just a month ago (7.12.2013)

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